Unexpected Money

There is one God, one Mind, one Creative Intelligence, one cosmic creative something.  This creative cause created me in order to express Itself.  It created me with talents and abilities, with health, life, love, with everything.  Within me right now this action is taking place, expanding every pattern I have in my subconscious mind of money.  Every money pattern in my subconscious mind is now expanded.

I am open and receptive to unexpected money, which comes to me in right ways.  I believe that in one sense of the word God is money in action, for it is my ease, my comfort and my freedom.  I now accept unexpected money from any and all sources, ways and means as long as they’re right.  I believe that my prosperity is spiritual.  I shall use it with wisdom and I shall use it with joy.  My subconscious mind now accepts this and acts upon it. And it is so. So it is.

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

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