To Work Around The Handicaps You Have

Unless you are a perfect work of art,
You have some sort of handicaps in life,
Some limitations that may hold you back,
Unless they can be worked around, somehow.
Some handicaps are obvious and clear,
Like blindness, deafness, or a missing limb.
But most are far more subtle in effect,
Like ugliness, or grossly overweight,
Or faulty English, or you cannot read,
Or slowness, weakness when you walk around,
Or memory which fails you when you call,
Or maybe you can’t do arithmetic,
Or maybe you are fearful when you drive,
Or something else I haven’t yet described.
* * *
Whatever they may be that hold you back,
I pray the Lord removes them from your life.
But if He will not make them go away,
I pray that He will give you what you need,
To work around the handicaps you have.
I also pray that you will recognize,
His help, and you will put it straight to use.
Do not ignore His rowboat in the flood,
While praying that the water will go down.
And never should you grumble or complain,
Lest even greater ills might come your way,
And you would gladly trade for what you have.
* * *
In Jesus’ name I pray for you, Amen.

by Rev. Bill McGinnis – Public Domain

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