New baby

For the unborn

“For Those Who Have New Life Within The Womb”

To you who have new life within the womb:
Congratulations on your holy gift,
And may you soon be fruitful for the Lord,
In motherhood, for which, you were designed!
* * *

I pray the Lord will bless you and your child,
And let your child be safely born when due.

I pray He gives to you the strength you need,
And all good health to bear and raise your child.

I pray the child, itself, is sound and strong,
And ready for the world when it is born.

I pray the Lord will fill the father’s heart,
And lead him in his duty to the child.

And if you and the father are not wed,
I pray that you be married very soon,

So you can give the child a lawful life,
With two committed parents to provide.

I pray the Lord will find a home for you,
With everything sufficient for your needs.

I pray He gives you loved ones at your side,
To help you as you guide and raise your child.

I pray He sends the money you require,
To pay for all the things that you will need.

I pray He helps you learn the many things,
That mothers need to know to raise a child.

I pray that He will bond you and your child,
With ties of love that evermore endure.

And as you love and care for your new child,
I pray He likewise loves and cares for you.

In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

by Rev. Bill McGinnis – Public Domain

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